There are 5 yamas which are restrictions on actions. They are each connected to a shell:

  1. Ahimsa - non-violence - spiritual shell
  2. Satya - truth - intellectual shell
  3. Asteya - non-stealing - emotional shell
  4. Brahmacharya - energy preservation - energetic shell
  5. Aparigraha - non-collection - physical shell

There is a hierarchy here to determine which yamas are most important and they are in order here. Outer processes depend on inner processes. If you have a dilemma where you have to follow one yama or another, follow the one that is focused on the most inner shell.


Nonviolence in any form which includes directing money towards death. This is connected to the spiritual shell.


When one lies it provokes a dirty state of mind that requires them to remember the lie. Then each time one sees people they have to remember the lie and who they lied to so it can be kept together. This creates a complex web that scatters attention and creates fear in the consciousness. Some people lie because they want to sell things which can also become complicated. This is connected to the intellectual shell.


This is about desire. If a desire it too strong you will steal. This is connected to emotional shell.


This is about controlling energy to spread consciousness. It is impossible to practice if we are always low on energy. This is connected to energetic shell.


If we collect a lot of things we have to maintain them. If we collect a lot of information in the mind, we must remember that information and keep it together in the mind. Memory is not free in this case. It is connected to the things and information we collect. Collecting can affect all the shells but it is generally about physical shell.