There are five principle energy flows (also called winds or vayus):

  1. Apana - energy of first and second chakras - handles reproduction and evacuation of waste
    1. General tendency of Apana is down. Redirection of the energy using inversions or mediations that invert flow of that energy
    2. This makes it so we do not provoke normal human tendencies
  2. Samana - solar plexus - regulates our digestion
    1. Inner fire
    2. Use diet to control
    3. Never force too much food at one time
  3. Prana - chest - exchange of energy with surrounding space
    1. Use pranayama to regulate
  4. Udana - throat to top of head - intellectual, spiritual and creative functions
    1. Feel that you can see or think more clearly
    2. Spread the range of perception by these methods
      1. Upward facing dog to downward dog will activate this energy. It stimulates the inverted flow as a sublimation of energies takes place.
      2. Physical asana practice with lots of vinyasas can stimulate this prana
      3. Prostrations create the same inverted flow
  5. Vyana - connection between all other pranas and moves all around the Nadis

Secondary Pranas (vayus)

  1. Naga - yawning energy to bring the body into the state it is moving into. This takes place when going from active to sleepy or sleepy to active.
  2. Kurma - blinking and tears. This is protection from dust and other objects in the eyes
  3. Krkara - protection against things going into nostrils or throat. Coughing.
  4. Devadatta - burping energy to regulate pressures in the stomach
  5. Janamjaya - expansion of corpse after death

Moving of primary pranas can activate the secondary energies.