Mrs. Pai's Easy Kimchee

Vegan and Traditional options


4 lbs Napa cabbage

2 tbsp kosher salt

1 bunch scallions

4-5 cloves of garlic

1.5 inch piece ginger (if vegan)

3/4 tsp Himalayan salt (if vegan)

1/2 tbsp fermented shrimp sauce (if fish)

1/2 tbsp anchovy paste (if fish)

1 tbsp white sugar


  • Cut cabbages in half and take out stems
  • Rinse the cabbages
  • Cut cabbages into four rows about two inches wide each
  • Put chopped cabbage into a stainless steel bowl
  • Add kosher salt and cover all leaves
  • Mix salt and cabbage together like a salad
  • Put heavy plate on top of bowl so it is covered and put in fridge
  • 3 hours later it will be ready. There will be some liquid on the bottom and the cabbage should be wilted and soft
  • Put cabbage in strainer and rinse thoroughly to wash off the salt
  • Put all rinsed cabbage back in empty stainless steel bowl

While the cabbage is in fridge get these ingredients into a separate bowl:

  • Chop scallions
    • Not too small
    • Cut the white root part off and don’t use it
  • Chop cloves of garlic very small
  • Chop ginger very small (vegan)
  • Himalayan salt (vegan)
  • Fermented Shrimp Sauce (fish)
  • Anchovy Paste (fish)
  • Ground cayenne hot pepper or 1 tbsp of the korean hot pepper
  • Sugar

Once cabbage is ready combine the two bowls

  • Mix all ingredients together by hand
  • Put kimchee into mason jar or other sealable container and pat down lightly
  • Close lid and leave on counter

Now you wait.

Approximate Fermentation Times

  • Summer - 36 Hours
  • Spring/Fall - 48 Hours
  • Winter - 72 Hours

After fermentation put in fridge and it will stay fresh for just over a week.

More salty = stays longer

  • In 24 hours check the jar and it should be a little foggy.
  • The kimchee juice should get a little bubbly.
  • Once ready, move it to the fridge. It will be good in fridge for over one week.