Methodic of Kundalini Awakening


  • on level of first chakra food must be sattvic
  • eat minimum - once per week or once every two weeks
  • dont eat buckets of foods from restaurants in US
  • on level of second chakra stop having sex and stop masturbating
  • on level 3, stop war - yogis swear that they will never need war
  • on level 4 - you should not have any heart connections. If you are leaking through relationships or by having kids, you cannot hav kundalini awakenining
  • Mauma - level 5 - no talking for long time. When you talk you think in conceptual way. Even if you just text on your computer you are in dual thinking. Speak means rational. Don’t speak means intuitive way
  • level 6 - try to not think as much as possible. sleep, eat and practice. be in that state as much as possible
  • then only will you get full kundalini awakening to go through 7

If you can’t do this, no problem. Do Kama Sutra.

Just remember theory is not experience.

Experience brings knowledge.

Swastika is clockwise because its how people live. Counterclockwise swastika is inverse.

Vartan is he who twists to the opposite side

People who live on top three chakras are counter clockwise

People who live on bottom three chakras are clockwise

If you follow circumstances you just have to accumulate energy.

  1. reserve energy - close holes
  2. purify energy channel with kriyas
  3. do pranayamas which activate kundalini awakenining

If you repeat mantra many many times it is like self coding. Repeating same word many times brings that thing. Mantra is a method of controlling the thinking.

Kali is more powerful than Shiva. Software is more important than hardware

Control the food, eat less, do kriyas

It can take 2-3 hours before your mind becomes stable in meditation

You will spin through the aura

Middle back channel through center of torso is white warm energy. Symbolized as vajrayogini. War is why it has red color. Cold electricity needs to be sent to the spinal cord.

When you get energy to one cell, it can keep activating and get a chain reaction through all cells all the way up the spine.

If you plan to practice retreat and really practice. Don’t go to the shop. Your friends could bring food, but no talking. Two weeks, two months, two years, as much as you can afford.

Sam Bhoga Kaya - state of pleasure without mediators - method of liberation from karma - nothing besides yourself that gives you the state you need

Enlightenment is much higher than you think. People literally know how to levitate.

At high levels of practice, sexual energy is so limited that it isnt even desirable