Used to be plant based. Now I eat everything again in moderation.

Rice cooker is always on (when I have a home). Kitchari is a staple.

I think ‘recommended caloric intake’ is irrelevant and we need far less than what we are told. If I ate three full meals per day, I would mostly be napping.

There are two ways energy/prana enters the body - air and food. If one lives in a city, they should eat good clean food because air quality is lower.

Clean Air + Clean Delicious food = Good Life Force Situation

Getting fruits and veggies from local farm stands is an underrated benefit of living outside of cities.

I love my Vitamix.

I also love Masala Chai. Here is a good video of how to make the real thing. You can substitute any milk (I like no oil oat) and any sweetener (I like honey and put it in after the tea is finished bc overheating honey is bad):

Macrobiotic eating has become a big part of my life lately. I couldn’t find a good definition online of what the macrobiotic diet actually is, so I made one up:

The macrobiotic diet emphasizes whole grains and fresh vegetables while avoiding meat, dairy, and processed foods. The diet is not only about what you eat, but also how it is prepared. The goal is to provide the body with optimal nutrients so it eliminates toxins and functions efficiently. Influenced by Chinese medicine, macrobiotic principles balance the effects of food on the body with other factors like health, location and lifestyle.

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