On Attention and Feelings

Power is where the attention flows

Feeling bad about something will lead to more sadness

Stop thinking about it and it will be okay

Let’s say you have someone who you love

If you will be together with this person, then it will be so great

Repeat in the mind again and again

But person already decided no

But we want to decide what will be if...

Sadness is from a clashing of programs

If you want to be with someone but they don’t want to be with you, then you suffer

You can change your wish, not theirs

Let go of the person if there is a conflict

Change what you are thinking about is completely changing yourself

If you reach citta vritti nirodaha then you can reprogram yourself

Download is happening always

We have five organs of perceptions

Five internet outlets constantly coming to the hard drive

You don’t realize what is happening, but it’s not possible to not perceive. Downloading is happening all the time.

In America we get the habit that everything is constantly available

In most of the world it’s not

If you have job good, if you lose it it’s okay

Don’t think about money when being a yoga teacher

The poorest people in the world are US people. Just think about how much coffee costs.

Stop complaining. I don’t have bread. I’m starving. It’s BS.

Spolied by constant appearance in the show. Nothing is stable. You will see this in life with experience.