Polygon Effort to Help with COVID Crisis in India - 4/24/21

My heart goes out to everyone in India affected by the current wave of COVID and the devastating effects it is having on the country. India is very low on it's resources right now to help their citizens and the COVID cases are getting out of control. This is what the trend looks like:


Almost 350,000 new cases on 4/23/21 alone and limited resources around the country to help anyone who has been infected.

Sandeep Nailwal from Polygon Network (doing incredible work to help scale Ethereum) has created a support fund using a Gnosis Multisig wallet.

Please donate if you can. Check the address to send ETH/ERC20s to in Sandeep's thread. I would post here but always best to go to source to make sure address is correct.

Vitalik donated ~$600k.

This is exactly what crypto was made for. Before crypto it would take significantly more effort to coordinate this sort of global support. GoFundMe campaigns and similar are possible, but this does not compare to cutting directly through any red tape with crypto. Sandeep and the Polygon team can have donor's funds settled in their account instantly and put it to work right away.

Another benefit to blockchain is that you can transparently track how all of the funds are being spent. This way the project can publicly share how funds are being spent. This should cultivate trust over time, leading to even more investment.

Again, this situation in India is devastating. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected. Thank you Sandeep and Polygon for stepping up and doing what you can to help.