Loaded Mashed Potato Mixup

Loaded Mashed Potato Mixup

Put 7 smalll-medium redskin potatoes in oven at 350 for 75 mins

In a pan sauté 1/2 a yellow onion with olive oil

Chop and add 7 cloves of garlic

Chop and add 2 carrots

Chop and add 1 head of broccoli

Chop and add 12 oz mushrooms (best you can find)

Chop and add 4 bulbs of scallions (greens are most important


Add 2 medium tomatoes smashed up with juice in pan

Add 1 tbsp cane sugar

Add 4 oz vodka

Once everything is well cooked then move on

Add 10-15 leaves of basil

Add dill

Add rosemary

Add juice of one lemon

Take potatoes out of oven.m and mash in a bowl

Add butter or butter substitute- I use miykonos oat butter

Add veggie mix and stir

Salt and pepper as desired

Add Tabasco or Sriracha to make it spicy

Eat it