Notes on Tantra

Look at the energy or emotional state of a teacher. Tantric teaching is based on the life energy. Teacher is looking at the playfulness of water.

Tantra is not related to time. No one gives you any guarantees. It all depends on how the stars align. Plus when you do tantric practices, results are not happening automatically.

With astral beings, you receive bliss, or not. That is why one of the reasons they make a lot of prayers.

In your practice, results will come as they are allowed. Some days you get results, other days no. It is not predictable. There is no timeframe.

Teaching tantra is very difficult. You feel like fish in the water. Some people live in the mind. Give money, get result. No. People do not get much results.

Answers are always simple, but it is all about internal condition. This is how results are coming. It is always different for different people.